WildWood Properties Goes Green!

WildWood to add all electric commercial mower to its fleet of mowers

​APRIL 24, 2021 - WINDHAM, ME - WildWood Properties, Inc. has purchased it’s first all electric commercial mower from Mean Green Mowers, an SK-48 Stand on Stalker.

WildWood Properties is a full service landscape company that started in 2014 and serves the Greater Portland area. As the company completes its 7th year in business, the time has come to take the initiative to become a more sustainably responsible business.

“It has been a long term goal of ours to become a more efficient, sustainable company, but until now, the technology, cost  and quality did not yet align,” said Anne Drapeau, co-owner of WildWood Properties. “We have been researching and watching  the evolution of battery powered commercial lawn care equipment and from almost day one, Mean Green Mowers has emerged as a high quality option.”

“We are thrilled to finally be able to start taking part in building a sustainably strong, environmentally responsible and fuel efficient landscape company, “ said Rick Drapeau, owner of WildWood Properties. “We are starting small, with a E-Go push mower, a battery powered leaf blower and trimmer and , of course, the new Mean Green Mower. This gives us the opportunity to offer clients the option of a complete zero emission, low noise lawn care experience. For other clients, it will be mixed in with our regular fleet of equipment and ultimately reduce our fuel and maintenance costs.”

In addition, WildWood Properties will be making a commitment to supporting sustainability efforts by donating a portion of annual revenue to a cause that is of vital importance to a healthy environment and sustainable future. “In 2021 we are excited to pledge our support to the Arbor Day Foundation. When it comes down to the work we do and our desire to help our industry grow, while providing a healthy environment for our children’s future, making sure our air is clean and forests are healthy perfectly aligns with our economic and environmental goals,” explained Anne Drapeau.

WildWood Properties will begin utilizing it’s zero emission lawn care offering when the mow season begins in May and looks forward to additional opportunities in the summer of 2021. To schedule your lawn care for the season, contact Rick at 207-894-4254.